Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lanyards - Perfect for Your Children

Lanyards are a great way to keep keys safe and all together. In fact, many parents are giving their children a lanyard to wear in an effort to make certain that they never lose their keys.

The number of latch key children is increasing all the time. More and more families need to have both parents working to make the bills every month. Latch key children are the result of this increasing trend. Children who have to come home from school to an empty house are all over the country. This means that young children need to have their own keys to the doors.

In days gone by many families would hide a key somewhere near the door to make certain that if a family member did not have a key, they could still get into the house. This practice is certainly not a safe one and in the case of apartments is impossible.

If you are in the position of having to provide a young child with a house key, you have to make sure that both the child and the keys will be safe. Your first priority has to be the child.

One thing that you can do to make sure that your child is as safe as possible is to get your child a breakaway lanyard. Children like to climb things and having anything hanging around your child's neck may be a hazard. Breakaway lanyards are designed to break apart if they are pulled. If you are worried that a standard lanyard might be dangerous, then get one that will come apart if the child does get it caught or is another child tries to pull on it.

The lanyard itself is probably one of the best ways for your child to carry keys. Children have a habit of putting things down and forgetting them. They may forget a backpack or a bag but if the keys are around their neck, there is very little chance that the keys will go missing.

You should also make certain that there is nothing on the keys that can be identified. If your young son or daughter does lose the lanyard, and the keys, you do not want any person who finds the keys to know whose they are.

The lanyard can also be used to carry other small things that you may not want your child to lose. If you have to send your child to school with a bit of money you can add an attachment that can be used to carry a small pouch. Lanyards can easily be worn under a shirt, where nobody will know that they are there.

The latch key situation is unavoidable for many families, and if you are a parent who has to allow their child to carry keys make sure that they are as safe as you possibly can.

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